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Bayliss Public Library

The Children's Collection

The Augusta Hursley Seal Children's Room houses our children's collection which contains over 25,000 books, toys, cassette players, books on cassette and CD, magazines, puzzles and computers designated only for children's use.

Younger Children

Toy Area

Toys are available in an area near the picture books, and young children are welcome as well.  Board books are also available nearby for our very youngest patrons.  Parents should stay with young children while in this area.

Picture Books

Picture books are designate with an E on the spin and are arranged alphabetically by author near the windows.

I Can Read

I Can Read books are specifically for beginning readers and are arranged alphabetically by author on the south wall.  They each have a blue dot on the spine.


Juvenile Fiction

Juvenile fiction (or "chapter books") are designated with a J on the spine and are arranged alphabetically by author

Juvenile Biographies

Juvenile biographies are arranged against the east wall alphabetically by who the book is about.  The will have JB and the subject's name on the spine.

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Juvenile non-fiction is arranged by subject.  The books have numbers on the spine and the books are shelved numerically, using the Dewy Decimal System.  Use the card catalog to find books on a subject, or ask the librarian for assistance.

Other Materials

"Green Dot" Books

Because Sault Sainte Marie is a tourist destination, we offer a small collection available to children who are just visiting the area or are unable to get a library card.  Just tell circulation staff how many that you have and return as usual.  Look for the books with the green dot on the spine and be sure to return them for the next camper!


200 audiobooks are available to liven up those long commutes.  Make Harry Potter or Ramona part of your next vacation.  Audiobooks may be checked out for three weeks are are located near the Children's Librarian's desk.  The library offers both books on cassette and books on CD.  Cassette players are available in the Children's Room for in-house use.

special tools

Accelerated Reader [AR/Lexile]

Do you participate in the Accelerated Reader program at your school?
Accelerated Reader books owned by Bayliss Public Library can be located using the Accelerated Reader link in the Bayliss Card Catalog.
Do you need to find a good book to read?
You will be able to find lots of good books from the Accelerated Reader Reading list.  To use the Accelerated Reader to find a list of books, click on the Search the Catalog link at the top of this page.  Follow the AR/Lexile link at the top of the catalog page, and type in the desired Reading Level.  A list of titles owned by the library will come up.  Each title will show the Reading Level and the number of points the title is worth for your school program.  You will find the listed books on the shelves, or request the library hold of the next copy that comes in for you.  You may ask a librarian for more information about reserving books.
For further help using Accelerated Reader at Bayliss Public Library, please ask the Children's Librarian.  See your teacher for information about the Accelerated Reader program at your school. 
No Accelerated Reader quizzes are owned by Bayliss Public Library, you must take them at your school.

For Parents

Parent Collection/Family Resource Library

The Parent Collection and the Family Resource Library will be of particular interest to parents and educators.  The Family Resource Library was selected and purchased by the Chippewa County Council of Youth and Families and is housed in the Children's Room.  Both collections contain many parenting titles while the Family Resource Library contains parenting videos and games as well.
Both collections are located on the low shelving near the craft tables.  Both collections are arranged by subject and are marked with "PC" on the spine for Parent Collection or "FR" for Family Resource Library.  Parents can browse the section, look them up in the on-line catalog or ask a librarian.