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Bayliss Public Library

Circulation Policy


The Circulation Policy is established to ensure maximum access to the information and materials in the collection of Superior District Library.


Service Area

The service area of Superior District Library shall be as described in the District Library Agreement as approved by the Librarian of the State of Michigan on March 21, 2013 plus the contract townships of Drummond Island and Portage.






Library cards are free to: 1) residents of Superior District Library service area; 2) students at Lake Superior State University, and Bay Mills Community College; 3) individuals who own property in the Library’s service area; 4) Residents of contract townships while their relationship with Superior District Library is being negotiated.



Individuals who reside outside the Library’s service area may obtain a card for borrowing privileges for an annual fee of $80.00.


Temporary Residents

Individuals  residing  in  transient  addresses  in  the  Library  service  area  for  less  than  16 weeks  may  be  issued  a  Temporary  Card  upon  proof  of  local  address  and  permanent address.   A  $5.00  fee  plus  a  $20.00  refundable  deposit  is  required  for  each  period  of temporary  residency.    This  category  includes  seasonal  visitors,  seasonal  workers  and individuals residing at transient addresses.


Identification Needed

Applicants  for  Superior  District  Library  cards  (all  categories)  must  present   photo identification and relevant documentation giving proof of residence.


Resident and Non-Resident cards are valid for one year, at which time card holders may be required to verify address in order to renew the card.

Agency/Institution Cards

An  agency/institution  card  may  be  issued  upon  receipt  of  a  letter  from  an  authorized official   of   the   agency/institution.   The   letter   will   specify   the   agency/institution’s responsibility to pay late fees, damages, or replacement costs for materials charged with the card, and personnel authorized to use the card.  The card will be issued for one year and  will  require  re-affirmation  of  the  resolution  for  renewal.   Normal  loan  limits  and policies will be in effect.


Application Process

Applicant must present valid documentation and complete the application form.   Parent, grandparent, or guardian must sign for children 12 and under.


Individuals must present their own library card to check materials out.   Unless reported lost or stolen, it is assumed that the card presented belongs to the individual identified on the card.  Card owner is responsible for all items charged on the card.


Lost/Stolen Cards

Lost/stolen cards must be reported to the Circulation Desk.  There is a $3.00 charge for a replacement card.


Loan Periods and Procedures

Loan limits

A  valid  library  card  is  required  to  check  materials  out  and  to  sign  in  for  computer privileges.   If a patron has forgotten his/her library card the items may be checked out with presentation of a valid driver’s license or a State ID, or held for 24 hours.  Use of a driver’s license rather than the library card is done under exceptional circumstances.


A library patron may have unlimited checkouts.


There may be a limit of 3 titles on any one nonfiction subject for books.


The  Library  may  place  loan  and  time  limits  on  new  titles,  holiday  materials  and  high demand subject materials.


The Library may establish an “in house” collection for a period of time for high demand



Reference  materials  do  not  circulate  without  permission  of  the  Reference  Librarian  or Director.   If permission is given, the material(s) may be checked out only overnight.   A deposit of 50% or more of the replacement cost may be required.


Loan Periods, Fines and Fees

ITEM TYPE                                      LOAN PERIOD                    FINE              MAXIMUM

New Books                                         1week                          20c/day           $5.00 per item Books                                                  3 weeks                      20c/day           $5.00 per item Audiobooks                                        3 weeks                       20c/day           $5.00 per item Videos                                                1 week                        20c/day            $5.00 per item Inter-Library Loans                                                  As specified                20c/day           Cost of Item Periodicals                                          1 week                        20c/day           $5.00 per item Music CDs                                                     3 weeks                       20c/day           $5.00 per item Vacation Loans (books, audiobooks)                          4 weeks                       20c/day           $5.00 per item

No fines will be assessed on closed library days.  Fines may be waived under extenuating circumstances.


Most items may be renewed one time if there is no reserve hold.  Renewals may be done in person, online, or by phone.


Materials  may  be  returned  by  mail  or  to  any  Superior  District  Library.    Late  items returned by mail will have a fine assessed.


All materials must be returned in good condition to Superior District Library.  Fines will be assessed on materials returned after the due date for either regular loan or special loan. An  overdue  notification  will  be  made  14  working  days  after  the  due  date.   A  bill  for unreturned materials will be sent 28 days after the due date.  The Library may employ a collection agency in which case a service fee will be assessed.


Special Loans

The  Library may establish  a  different  loan  period  for special  collections,  high  demand materials, or materials in a new format.  The size of the collection and the client demand will be the primary criteria for setting the loan period.

Vacation Loan

Patrons  may request  a  “Vacation  Loan”  (4  weeks)  for  books  and  audios.   No  reserve

books, periodicals, or videos may be charged to this special loan.


School Libraries Operated by Superior District Library

During the school year, grades K-5 will not be assessed a late charge.  Grades 6-12 will be  assessed  a  late  charge  of  20c/day  per  item  up  to  $5  per  item.    Superior  District Libraries may ask schools to help notify students about outstanding materials and fines. Seniors  who  have  reached  the  age  of  majority and  have  outstanding  materials  or  fines may be sent to collection.  Handling of lost materials is under the discretion of the library manager.


School staff is required to have a library card to check out any materials.


Damaged Items

The following charges may be assessed for materials returned damaged:

  1. $1.00 for each damaged page (torn or with erasable pencil marks);
  2. $2.00 for each plastic book jacket, cover art, or plastic book bag that must be replaced;
  3. $5.00 for each audio case damaged and needing replacement
  4. $5.00 for each missing bar code label.


Replacement costs

The  following  charges  will  be  made  for  lost  items  or  those  items  damaged  severely enough  to  require  replacement  (such  as  a  missing  page,  markings  with  pen,  extreme heat/cold damage, etc.):


Replacement cost of the item, if available, will be assessed, otherwise:

  1. $25.00 for each hardcover book
  2. $8.00 for each paperback book
  3. $25.00 for each audiobook
  4. $5.00 for each magazine
  5. $18.00 for each music CD
  6. $30.00 for each video
  7. $100.00 or actual cost from lending library for each ILL book
  8. $75.00 for each reference book


In addition, a handling fee for re-ordering and processing will be assessed.  The handling fee will be determined annually based upon costs for staff time and processing materials.


If the item is located within 2 years after payment, and the handwritten receipt produced, the Library will refund the amount minus the fine.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges may be suspended for any of the following reasons:


Unreturned items

Unpaid fines of $5.00 or more

Damaged materials not paid for

Losing or damaging more than 8 items in a 12 month period

Limited privileges may be reinstated when a payment schedule is established and adhered to or when the patron demonstrates that proper care will be taken of materials loaned to him/her.




Special Service Fees

Interlibrary Loan: a handling fee will be assessed on each ILL request at the time request is made.  The patron will also pay any fees assessed by the lending library.   There is no fee for requesting books through PII or MeL.

Microfilm  Interloan:  a  $4.00  fee  will  be  assessed  on  census  microfilm  at  the  time  the request is made.  Other microfilm will be assessed a $1.00 ILL handling fee.


Videos:  a $1.00 fee is assessed on some items in this collection.


The  library  shall  charge  a  penalty  of  $25.00  for  all  checks  that  are  returned  for insufficient funds.





All records, formal and informal, in the Superior District Library relating to registration and  the  subsequent  circulation  by  patrons  of  materials  provided  by  the  Library  are considered to be confidential in nature.


In  order  to  prevent  an  unreasonable  invasion  of  personal  privacy,  the  contents  of registration and circulation records shall not be made available to anyone except under the  written  order  of  the  Library Director,  such  order  having  been  issued  pursuant  to  a proper legal process, order, or subpoena under the law.


Upon receipt of any process, order, or subpoena, the person named and/or served shall immediately report to and consult with the Library Director and the legal counsel of the Superior District Library to determine if such process, order, or subpoena is proper and in full  compliance  with  the  proper  legal  authority.   In  the  event  the  legal  process  fails  to sufficiently  identify  or  name  in  specific  terms  or  specification  the  records  on  file  in respect to an identified library patron, the request is considered to be defective and not binding upon the Library and its personnel, except under further due process of law.

Any problems or conditions relating to the privacy of a patron through the records of the Superior District Library which are not specified in the policy statement shall be referred to the Library Director, who, after study and consultation with the Library Board and/or legal  counsel,  shall  issue  a  written  decision  as  to  whether  to  heed  the  request  for information.


(The Library Privacy Act 455 of 1982)


Adopted April 24, 2014 – Effective July 1, 2014