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Bayliss Public Library

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy


The Superior District Library (SDL) uses social media in many forms. The Superior District Library staff maintains and edits the content of SDL social media sites to comply with library policies.


The Superior District Library does not endorse the advertisements promoted on any social media site. These advertisements are displayed by vendors and do not express the Superior District Library’s views or positions.


Library social media is intended to create a welcoming online space where Library users will find useful and entertaining information and can interact with staff and other users.


Social media is defined as any web application, site or account used by the Library to facilitate the sharing of opinions and information about library-related subjects and issues. It includes any facility for online publication and commentary, such as blogs, wikis, and social networking sites.


The Library will utilize social media tools to encourage community involvement and to create a dialog between the Library and its patrons regarding Library services, resources, events and programs, and community information.


This policy is intended to provide clarity to Library employees on how to conduct themselves in social media. It also informs them of their responsibilities when using social media. It encourages employees to find a voice in social media, while protecting the interests of the Library.


All affiliate social media sites are the property of Superior District Library and shall follow SDL policy. The Director of Superior Library District is to be made an Administrator on each affiliate Library’s social media sites.


Breach of Policy


Employees who participate in online communications deemed not to be in the best interests of the Superior District Library will be subject to disciplinary action under the Library’s Personnel Policy. The Library will remove, or request the employee to remove, any material where there is a breach of the controls detailed in the Library’s Social Media Policy (e.g., a Library employee infringes copyright at work or posts inappropriate content).


Staff Postings


Staff members posting on the Library’s social media sites on personal time should be aware that information they display or comments they make on Library social media sites may be viewed by other users as representing official Library sponsored information or comments.


The rules for staff comments and posts are:

  • Must have the approval from the relevant division head to use social media in an official capacity.
  • Must not comment on the activities of another affiliate apart from providing factual information that is on the public record, unless employees have authority to do so.
  • Must avoid any statement that might bring the Library into disrepute.
  • Must not commit the library to any action or initiative without appropriate authority
  • Must not disclose official information unless authorized to do so or unless it is already in the public domain.
  • Should be aware of laws covering libel, defamation, privacy and the protection of intellectual property.
  • Must ensure that all activities are in line with the Library’s policies. These include: behaving with respect and courtesy, and without harassment. Dealing appropriately with information, recognizing that some information needs to remain confidential. Delivering services fairly, effectively, impartially and as a courtesy to the public. Being sensitive to the diversity of the public. Taking reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest. Making proper use of Library resources. Upholding the Superior District Library’s values and the integrity and good reputation of the Library. Not acting in a way that would call into question the Library employee’s ability to be apolitical, impartial and professional in the performance of their duties.
  • Must be apolitical, impartial, and professional, and avoid making any statements that might be interpreted as advocating government policies or criticizing the policies of political parties or groups.
  • Must protect personal information entrusted to the Library from distribution into the public domain.
  • Employees should take note of any copyright/Public Domain notices attached to content they wish to use/repurpose. Additionally, employees should cite or otherwise acknowledge content sources when they are known.
  • Any photos of patrons posted on social media sites must have a signed release allowing use of photo.


Public Postings


Comments, posts, and messages are welcome on the Library’s social networking sites. While the library recognizes and respects differences in opinion, all such interactions will be regularly monitored and reviewed for content and relevancy. The Library reserves the right to refrain from posting user submissions or comments or to remove them at any time.


By commenting and posting users agree to these rules:

  • Stay on topic. Comments and posts should be library related.
  • Duplicate posts from the same individual will be deleted.
  • Don’t include personal information about yourself or others. The Library discourages individuals from posting personal information and reserves the right to remove any posts with personal information.
  • The Library is not responsible for user generated content. A posted comment is the opinion of the user only, and publication of a comment does not imply endorsement or agreement by the Superior District Library.
  • Spam and commercial content will be removed. The Library will remove posts or comments used for campaigns, religious or commercial purposes, or for soliciting funds. Gratuitous links to sites viewed as spam are viewed as spam and will result in the comment being removed. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  • Individuals should not post anything that they do not own the right to post. The Library follows a notice-and-takedown procedure for complaints of copyright violation under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Posts containing offensive, obscene, threatening or abusive language, or hate speech are strictly prohibited and will be deleted. Authorities may be contacted.
  • Users may report concerns. Moderators will review those concerns as soon as possible.


Inappropriate Use


Inappropriate use of social media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting private business.
  • Using discriminatory, defamatory, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in content.
  • Accessing, downloading or transmitting any kind of sexually explicit material, violent images including graphic images of blood or gore (without medical purpose).
  • Accessing, downloading or transmitting information on the use and construction of explosives and other tools of violence or terrorism.
  • Accessing, downloading or transmitting hate speeches and overt racism; material extolling the inherent or moral superiority or inferiority of a particular race, ethnic group, or sexual orientation; racial epithets; or religious bigotry.
  • Compromising the privacy of any person.
  • Using services for personal political purposes.
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the computing of other organizations including the Library.
  • Disruption of the integrity of the Library’s data or information services.
  • Accessing, downloading or transmitting any material deemed to be illegal.


Friends of the Library Groups


Friends groups of all affiliate Libraries with social media sites need to include the following disclaimer on their sites:

            “This site (or post, or content, etc.) is for discussion purposes only and does not represent the official views of the Superior District Library. Any views expressed on this site are those of the individual site author(s) only.”