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Michigan Activity Pass

Michigan Activity Pass

1. My library would like to "sign up" for MAP. What do I need to do?
***Nothing! When we expanded MAP from metro Detroit only to statewide a number of years ago, we "auto-enrolled" every public library in the state of Michigan in the MAP program. Your library doesn't need to sign up, because you already are signed up :)

2. My library has changed its name, ie we are a district library now. How can I get the name of my library updated in the MAP database?
***We do our best to keep up with library name changes. However, there are nearly 400 public libraries in the state of Michigan, and considerably fewer than 400 of us here, which means we don't catch every library name change. If the name of your library is misrepresented in the MAP database, please tell us in order that we might make the necessary correction.

3. Is MAP a year round program?
***YES!!! This might be our most commonly asked question. The current MAP year runs May 24, 2018 through May 23, 2019. On May 24, 2019 MAP will renew for an additional year, through May 23, 2020. Although program usage peaks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the vast majority of our MAP destination partners are open year round. This includes nearly all of Michigan's state parks and state recreation areas. This means you can promote MAP all year long! :) The reason we renew MAP in one year increments is so as to provide flexibility to our destination partners. Although a number of them have been on board with the program since the beginning, some institutions prefer not to have to make a commitment that exceeds one year in length, to this type of program.

4. Can I feature MAP on my library's homepage?
**Absolutely, yes, please do so! Here is the link If you need a copy of the MAP logo in which to embed this link, said MAP logo is available in .jpg format at 

5. Does MAP participate in social media?
***Yes. MAP has a Facebook page that has in excess of 7,000 likes. Please help us promote the MAP Facebook presence, as that page really causes potential partners (and sponsors!) to raise an eyebrow when they see how popular it is.

6. Is there promotional material available for MAP?
***Yes. A link to the MAP promotional material is available at

7. I know of a potential MAP partner destination in my library's service area. Can I recruit them and/or pass their contact information to you?
***Yes and yes! The public library is the most highly respected and trusted institution in any community. A touch base from public library staff to a potential new MAP partner is invaluable in this regard. All a new MAP partner destination need do is complete and return to us a copy of this questionnaire:

8. Is there a list of currently participating MAP partner destinations?
***Three brochures, one for the southern Lower Peninsula, one for the the northern Lower Peninsula, and one for the Upper Peninsula, are your friends here. They are in a constant state of change, especially at this time of year when new destinations are joining. They will be updated at some future point, but please be patient: and and Keep in mind, there are 638 participating library buildings in MAP. There are, or on May 24, 2019 will be, 461 participating partner destinations in MAP. There are far fewer of us at TLN who work to maintain and promote MAP, and we have a lot of other things to do here, too :) Again, please be patient as regards the frequency of updates when it comes to the brochures.

9. Is it okay for me to contact my local news outlets, to tell them about MAP?
***Yes, please do so. News outlets WANT to hear what is going on at the library. And MAP makes for a great story!

10. Are MARC records available for MAP?
***As difficult as this may be for you to believe, this question comes from libraries, not from patrons. We will provide a complete file of MARC records for all MAP partner destinations in the near future.

11. Is a quick and easy "How Do I Make MAP Go?" tutorial available to share with library patrons?
***Yes. It is available at this pdf and also at several strategic locations on the MAP homepage

12. What can I do to make MAP the best it can be in my library, in my community, for my patrons?
***Promote, promote, promote. Print the bookmarks that are available on the MAP promotional page and share them with patrons. Print the posters that are available at the same link and place them in strategic places in your library, including the restrooms, in which you are guaranteed a captive audience :) Talk about MAP at your rotary club, and other civic minded organizations in which you as a library professional are active and engaged. You never know when a potential MAP sponsor is in your audience. Promote the MAP Facebook page and its 7,000+ likes on your library's own Facebook page. Reach out to your local news media outlets to make sure they are aware of all the benefits the MAP program has to offer. Promote MAP as a great summer reading activity, and when you do outreach to schools again beginning this Fall, don't forget to talk up MAP. It is a year round program, after all :)